Services and bookings website


Local electrician, Yarm Electrical Services saw an increase in the number of requests for domestic Smart Vehicle Charge points.

Wanting to maximise conversion of these new customers, while also ensuring their traditional business was unaffected, Yarm Electrical Services asked UBQ to create a website that could capture customer interest and act as a hub for future marketing activity


A website was created using WordPress. This would allow Yarm Electrical Services to simply and quickly make changes to the site when needed.

The visual language for the website was designed to reflect the new services that were being offered, while making clear that the traditional aspects of the business were still very much at the heart of this local company.


The site was launched within just a couple of weeks and saw an immediate increase in the number of home EV charger installation requests. This has led the business to consider how to further its growth through digital channels.

Taking a pragmatic view in order that Yarm Electrical Services don’t get inundated with requests they are unable to fulfil, we are now working with them to plan out a PPC campaign aimed at new electrical car customers in the area.