Not just knowing, but the know-how of doing

We know what works. It’s not just because we have years of experience formulating successful strategies, but the fact that we have delivered through strategy and consultancy to deliver business growth across the digital ecosystem.

At the centre of every successful strategy we have created is a marrying of business requirements balanced against a deep understanding of your customers. Delivering a cohesive customer experience that delights at every touchpoint provides the foundation for creating successful profitable growth.

UBQ’s digital strategy and consultancy  helps our clients to understand where to focus their efforts and how to achieve a return on investment in the quickest and most effective manner. What changes are needed and what is the roadmap to get there? Capability, culture and technology are considered along with collaborative stakeholder management.

We have the expertise and capability to ensure your goals are met. Through analysis and collaboration, we work with you to understand the constraints of time, scope and budget. We provide a blend of analysis, insights, options and recommendations to accelerate your business.


Digital Revenue & Growth Strategy

A holistic and rigorous analysis of your digital business which involves interviewing team members, analysing reports and analytics, channel investigation, profitability and margin review with detailed recommendations for next steps to achieve growth and profitability.

The output of this process will usually be aligned to an existing business case or to creating a new strategy / approach.

Project Definition & Brief

We know that utilising team members for new projects can sometimes impact your day-to-day business. However, often the answers to unlocking growth come from within the organisation.

Our collaborative approach brings teams together, unlocks creative thinking, defines success factors, clearly states what success looks like and communicates actions that aligns internal teams and partners alike.

Certified Adobe Partner

UBQ is delighted to be a member of the Adobe Partner Program

Certified Adobe Partner

UBQ is delighted to be a member of the Adobe Partner Program.

International Trading

Opening your brand up to new territories provides a wealth of opportunities, but also risk. UBQ have experience of setting up and trading ecommerce sites across Europe, the US and Australia.

From stock management to payment types, language and localised customer experience, our input into the pitfalls, processes and set-up to successfully launch are invaluable.

Marketplace Evaluation

strategy_consultancy marketplace evaluation

Are you looking to evolve your website into marketplace, or are you looking to sell on one? Which marketplaces should you be assessing? Amazon, eBay, Next and Zalando to name a few.

How should my business price its products to ensure profitability? What is the impact on my existing channel strategy? What is the optimal route to fulfil orders? The answers may differ greatly. UBQ conduct a thorough audit to help determine which marketplace(s) best fit for your products, audience and business objectives.

Team Evaluation & Structure

strategy_consultancy team

Reviewing your team and and its structure will help resolve inefficiencies and improve communication internally.

We can map your team’s capabilities against organisational goals and develop recommendations to ensure you have the right people, skills and culture to deliver future success. We also work with HR to support the implementation and impact of Change Management processes.