Digital transformation and PMO


Sofology is one of the UK’s leading sofa retailers. Their mission is to help customers feel at home on a sofa they love. They do this very differently from other sofa retailers by focusing on a customer obsessed, exceptional sofa experience, coupled with expert advice and inspiring content.

As part of this customer-centric approach, Sofology partnered with Bloomreach as a key digital partner. Having already gone live with Engagement (emails) and Discovery (search), the final phase of the integration was to migrate from their existing CMS provider to Bloomreach Content.

The Content project was being managed internally; however, a number of challenges were encountered which slowed down delivery and continually prevented and prolonged a go-live date.

UBQ were asked to support the team’s delivery of this project.


The first phase was to undertake a rapid immersion as part of our discovery process. This involved interviewing everyone involved in the project including UX, design, trading and IT. This allowed us to quickly get up to speed with the requirements whilst also understanding the pain points and frustrations associated with delivery.

We replayed the outputs and recommendations to senior management. This provided an opportunity for alignment and sign off before proceeding with the next phase of our engagement.

The second phase was to conduct a reset of the updated project plan and to align everyone involved with the newly agreed objectives. UBQ designed a series of workshops where all team members were involved with defining both the immediate requirements and the long-term vision for how Bloomreach could be used within Sofology. The themes of the workshops were:

  • Definition of Bloomreach objectives and benefits
    To provide the team with clarity on what they wanted from the platform and how success would be measured.

  • Bloomreach blue sky thinking
    Thoughts on the long-term benefits of the platform, the role it can play within Sofology and how the organisation could benefit from a joined-up approach

  • Project definition
    Present a list of requirements that the MVP should deliver, in terms of feature-functionality, end-user administration needs and process

  • Top-level soft prioritization
    A process to help refine the requirements identified within the Project definition highlighting the most essential. The start of a MoSCoW that UBQ produced and presented back.

The third phase involved us developing a business case regarding the implementation of Bloomreach. Sofology wanted an independent perspective, so UBQ provided the financial benefits over a 3-year period.

Finally, UBQ designed and implemented a series of best practice governance procedures to manage the project. Having instigated the effective flow of communication, clear and concise decision-making processes, and robust budget control, the project became a well-oiled machine.


While we are unable to publish any financial results, Bloomreach CMS went live as planned. Internally, we have seen a marked increase in engagement and efficiency from the delivery teams. An improved flow of communication between senior stakeholders has also resulted in quicker and more aligned decision making.

Front-end pages typically being served up to 60% quicker, and Sofology are future-proofed to move onto the next step of delivering amazing personalised, relevant customer content and achieve an unrivaled sofa experience.


" UBQ played a pivotal role in project definition, organising work flows, applying governance and maintaining pace. They were not afraid to ask sticky questions that needed answering, rolled up their sleeves, were super detail focused, whilst always aligning the teams and fostering positivity. They quickly cut through, got to the core issues and managed us as a team onto the right path for success. Plus, they are now our pals! "