Don’t mention Brexit

European Union flag outside Downing Street

Despite the UK’s global ambition, we have been, are, and always will be in Europe. Our home market is Europe and Europe is our single largest market. We never optimized our position in Europe, now is the time to do so.

Launching a digital business in Europe

The collision of BREXIT, COVID & sustainability create significant opportunity for retailers, B2B and DTC companies wanting to identify new customers, business models and innovative ways of trading. With a struggling economy in the UK, and companies looking beyond UK shores for new revenue opportunities, we examine the most important considerations to ensure successful growth.

Shopify vs Magento

Boxing Gloves

We get asked on a regular basis, what’s better for my ecommerce business, Shopify or Magento?
Of course, the answer isn’t a simple one or the other, it entirely depends on your circumstances, however the purpose of this document is to help you be able to make choose between these heavyweight platforms based on your business needs both for now and the future.