Why do we get asked to support businesses when their project is experiencing difficulties? What can organisations do to circumnavigate issues before they impact a deliverable?

Of the many services we provide at UBQ, PMO and Governance often proves to be the most rewarding. A client will call us in desperate need of help. They have made the decision to implement a large digital initiative – whether it be a transformation, migration or in some cases, the start of their digital journey. The call usually goes something like:

We have been working on this project for some time and we keep going around in circles and never seem to be able to get it over the line. The project’s late and we’re going over budget.

Why is this rewarding? Well, we get to turn up to the client’s offices, figure out the lay of the land and after using some of our tried and tested PMO and governance tools, the project delivers. We’ve got the client out of a tight spot. We are told they couldn’t have done it without us. They are eternally grateful for our hard work and dedication in getting the project over the line and will gladly recommend us to their peers and colleagues.

So, what’s the problem you may ask? Well while it’s great receiving plaudits, wouldn’t it be better if that first call in to UBQ wasn’t one of distress? Instead of “how do we get this thing over the line” I would love the question to be “how do we set this project up for success?”.

At UBQ, our ethos has always been that it’s not just about the result but the journey to get there should be a fulfilling one. We want everyone involved to have a clear vision of what they are delivering and why. We want client teams to be engaged, motivated and accountable. We want senior stakeholders to be aware of the risks, celebrate the wins and be empowered to make good decisions.

We would much prefer our clients to be the heroes of the piece. So, if you’re considering a complex digital project, we’d love to share some ideas on helping you avoid the distress and fast track straight to success.

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